Everything is easy, everything is Italian. Nothing can be replaced.

our mission

We want to be the answer to the needs of people who in these times are not only looking for a quality offer but also for a place where they can feel truly connected to each other.

Our aim is to introduce people to the true added value of being Italian: hospitality.

This is why our mission is to become a reliable reference point for anyone who wants to drink and eat excellent Italian products in an authentic atmosphere, where table service is the highlight of our work.

At Garum everything is easy, everything is Italian. Nothing can be replaced.

Our Signature







The only way not to be replaceable is to know and be able to convey one’s uniqueness.

Garum is a “Trattoria Romana” where the hospitality and customer care are impeccable, you will feel unique and protagonist at all times because if Garum is not replaceable for you, neither are you for Garum.

So every customer is unique to us and we make sure that they have an unforgettable experience.