"Mine is the cuisine of reminiscence. I elaborate the recipes of my menu based on my memories as a child, continuously dedicating my dishes to those flavours I experienced"

Arcangelo totally embodies the history and tradition of the Capitoline cuisine. He is in fact a Real Roman, precisely from the Castelli Romani area. Born in 1962, he is the fourth generation of a great lineage of Roman restaurateurs who have always been dedicated to good food and tradition.

Arcangelo Vino e Cucina Restaurant in Rome is his home, and represents for him the place where he can express all his passion for cooking, welcoming his guests among family photos and toys from his childhood, to underline his thought that food is memory, travel and communication.

Garum is his Londoner project and a new home to be, where he aims to bring the best ingredients in an extreme simplicity of food making and flavour epiphany! 

Also pursuing his street food project at Supplizio

and the more refined Arcangelo Chorus on Via della Conciliazione, a few steps away from St Peter’s church.